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Improve your interactions with people on a professional and personal level.


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My Personal Manifesto

If you believe what I believe, we can work well together.

If you believe what I believe, we can work well together.

If you believe what I do not, I am not the correct choice for you.

That doesn’t make one of us right and the other wrong, it is simply the marvel of difference and I believe that should be respected above all other things.

I believe all dental professionals

  • Share a common intention to do their best and deliver high quality care
  • Are of equal value
  • Deserve rewarding and fulfilling careers

I believe good dentistry

  • Transcends all perceived differences in colour, class or creed
  • Penetrates all settings academia, secondary care, community and general practice
  • Affords no preference for context – corporate sector, public sector or independent sector

I believe the role and contribution of dentistry in broader health care is

  • Grossly underestimated
  • Poorly understood
  • Yet to be fully unveiled

I believe we continue to learn, develop and grow throughout our life

  • It is totally acceptable to expect more, aim for more and achieve more
  • working together we achieve more and with least effort
  • It is our duty to support one another from university entrance onward to expect more, achieve more and share more

I value our family as dental professionals and in particular

  • Our ability to take ourselves seriously – yet not too seriously!
  • Our appreciation of a good time, ability to let our hair down and to think independently!

However …

I do not believe complaining and moaning are productive. I do not believe stress should be accepted and absorbed into our professional lives. I do not believe authoritarian leadership or discrimination has a place in dentistry at practice, corporate or departmental level. I do not believe in

  • squeezing employees or bullying associates for our own gain
  • equating profit to worth or turnover to value
  • blaming others for our own limitations

I do not believe dentistry is a business first and profession second. I do not believe we should immediately cast out or demonise our colleagues when they struggle.

“I believe in striving to preserve our sense of humour, zest for life and collective optimism”

If you believe what I believe…

It’s time to connect…

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